Ideal Gifts for a Land Rover Lover


Wondering what to buy the Land Rover fan? We scoured the internet to find the best presents for anyone who loves the outdoors as much as we do.

Gifts for Land Rover fans


What: Everyday flask that keeps your fluids hot or cold whether you’re in the mountains or commuting to work. The water bottles are made from vacuum insulated stainless steel and have a nozzle so you can drink without taking the lid off.

Ideal for: Country walks, car journeys and weekend adventures.

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What: Practical and sustainable rucksacks that cope with both the rugged outdoors and urban adventures. They’re made from recycled materials for the conscious traveller and feature some practical touches like the roll packs which fold down like a waterproof bag.

Ideal for: Carrying overnight supplies or your laptop.

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Columbia Omni-Heat™ 3D Clothing

What: Using the latest technology, Omni-Heat™ 3D, this range of clothing and footwear help to keep you warmer and for longer when outdoors in winter weather or extreme cold.  Choose from snow boots, trousers, jackets and crew tops.

Ideal for: Skiers, après ski fans, weekend adventurers, chionophiles (people who love cold weather/snow)

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Clarks X Land Rover Footwear Range

What: A range of footwear for men in the Clarks X Land Rover collaboration. A selection of walking shoes and boots, and casual styles, with GORE-Tex waterproofing to handle the worst of the wet weather. Ideally suited for wearing in the city or in the mountains.

Ideal for: Winter walkers, hikers, weekend adventurers

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What: Forget Google Maps. They may be great for urban areas but the moment you step off the beaten path to go for a walk the map is blank – and that’s if you’re lucky enough to get a signal.

That’s why the ViewRanger mapping app is invaluable in the outdoors. Imagine OS mapping for the whole of the UK in the palm of your hand, and it’s viewable offline?

That’s what comes bundled with the Land Rover Explore phone when you purchase in the UK. In addition, ViewRanger has detailed maps for 23 countries, from as little as £4.00. You’ll never be lost again, wherever you’re wandering.

Ideal for: Campers, hikers and backpackers

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What: An award-winning durable phone, created for the outdoors, ideally suited for both weekend adventurers and budding explorers.

Available with premium topographic mapping from ViewRanger and an Adventure Pack (free with every handset), which almost doubles the battery life and adds a powerful signal-boosting GPS patch antenna.

Ideal for: Weekend hikers, family adventurers, trail walkers, explorers, Land Rover lovers

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What: Turn your Land Rover Explore phone into a bike computer with the bike mount. It lets you securely attach the phone to your bike’s stem cap to see your route and details like your speed and distance.

Ideal for: Mamils and mountain bikers

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What: Winter doesn’t have to be uncomfortable or cold, at least not if you’re wearing a base layer made of the finest merino wool. It’ll keep you warm and wick away the sweat whether you’re going on a walk in the English countryside, skiing in Canada or hiking in the Himalayas. It’s impossible not to love them.

Ideal for: Anyone heading into the great outdoors this winter.

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What: This season’s must have ski goggles. They use electrochromic technology to let you switch the tint of your goggles at the press of a button.

Ideal for: Pro skiers – and those who just want to look pro.

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What: Anyone who loves the Defender will love this towel. Made from 100% cotton it’s ideal for the beach, the gym – or just having in the back in the car.

Ideal for: Wet dogs, children, husbands

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What: Learn to drive your Land Rover on terrain it was designed for. During half and full day experiences you’ll develop your driving skills and tackle obstacle handling such as steep inclines, descents, side slopes and water crossings.

Ideal for: Anyone who drives a 4×4

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