Nature Inspires Hiking in Greece


As part of our #ExploreMore collective campaign, we sent early versions of the Explore to people across Europe, who share one common passion – a love for the outdoors.

In this third episode, we meet Miranda Ioannou from Greece. Her corporate job keeps her busy during the week, but on weekends she indulges her love of nature and passion for the outdoors and with the organisation, Active Sundays, leads hikes across the country.

Exploring inspiring landscapes

Miranda’s motivated by nature to get outdoors at every opportunity and explore some of the inspiring landscapes on her doorstep. Being outdoors, gives her a sense of freedom and exploring provides her with a real sense of fulfilment. She likens the sprawling vastness of some of the landscapes and the endless opportunities for exploring them to a veritable playground.

Aoos in Greece is her favourite place as it combines the opportunity for hiking and mountaineering whilst seeing some amazing rock formations.

“They can achieve something if they put their mind to it”

Away from her corporate job, Miranda channels her passion for the outdoors by volunteering as a hiking guide. Taking groups of people on treks through inspiring landscapes every weekend to show them the beauty of nature and inspire them to spend more time outdoors.

Seeing people enjoy their time outdoors and get to their first peak is an “awesome moment” to witness, says Miranda, as it shows them “they can achieve something if they put their mind to it.”

Watch the video below to see Miranda’s full story:

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