7 Reasons why September is the best time for hiking


As the evenings close in and the temperature cools, it’s tempting to lament the end of summer. But it doesn’t have to mean the end of your adventures.

Time to take to the hills

With its moody skies and rich hues of colour, September is one of the best times to put on your hiking boots and head into the hills. Here’s why:

1. There are fewer people

If you enjoy the solitude of the mountains, then going in the peak periods of July and August can pose something of a challenge. There’s the traffic, and not just on the roads. Popular summits can become seriously busy, while classic climbs can have more queues than Everest. September isn’t always 100% crowd free, but in general it’s a bit quieter.

2. The mountain huts are still open

For climbers, hikers and mountaineers heading to the Alps, September is the perfect month.

Mountain hut | Land Rover Explore

There’s still enough light and warmth in the day for big adventures and the cooler temperature is an advantage as it means carrying less water. Mountain huts normally stay open until the first week of October so finding a bed for the night won’t be a problem either.

3. There are bargains galore

The cheap flight operators slash their prices between summer and the ski season kicking off. In late September you can fly to the Austrian hills for as little £25 each way or pick up a round-trip to southern France for even less.

Getting kitted up in your local Cotswold store is also cheaper as summer stock gets discounted. As one of our retail partners, you’ll also be able to check out the Land Rover Explore phone  while there.

4. It’s a great time to see the night sky

The nights begin to lengthen in September across the northern hemisphere, which means it’s a great time to get your binos out (even better a telescope) and check out the night sky. Look out for Saturn which should be low in the South.

The sky at night during wild camping | Land Rover Explore

In the southern hemisphere both Jupiter and Saturn should be clearly visible. Need some help locating? Use the Land Rover Explore Sky Map app, and hit the night vision button to still be able to see the stars when you align the illuminated constellations on your phone against the sky.

5. September is time to go to East – and South

September is when the monsoon ends in Asia which means the ideal time to go trekking in Nepal and explore the epic mountain kingdom. Peak time is October so going late September is a good way to beat the crowds.

Nepal landscape | Land Rover Explore

This month is also a good time to head to southern hemisphere destinations like South Africa – where springtime temperatures not only mean a favourable climate to hike in, but it’s also possible to see whales on the south coast.

6. Fall colours start to come in

In the US, it is of course the time to start seeing the famous colours of Fall across the eastern states, which begin to show end of the month and really hit their glory throughout October.

Autumn colours during hiking | Land Rover Explore

Feeling adventurous? Hit the Appalachian trail, although at 2,200 miles it might take longer to hike than your two-week holiday allows.

7. The wild berries

There’s nothing like some wild foraging to add interest and pleasure to a hike. In the UK early autumn is when classic hedgerow fruits such as blackberries, elderberries, plums and damsons come into season, making a succulent change to that old energy bar sitting in the bottom of your sack. Wherever you are, explore what’s in season.

Is September your favourite time to go away? Be sure to share your adventures with us, tagging us via @landroverexplore. For more details on the perfect phone for your hiking adventures, discover the Explore phone.  #ExploreMore